[olsr-dev] BSD style license

Andreas T√łnnesen (spam-protected)
Sun Nov 21 19:27:11 CET 2004

Hi again Elektra (and all),

>> licensing issue turns out to be someting that will turn users away 
>> from olsrd or that anyone will start forking off 0.4.7, then we will 
>> most definetly reconsider the license change(and probably my own role 
>> in the whole project).
> No, let's drop the subject. I will wait and see where this projekt is 
> going to before I come up with any more ideas of improving the protocol.

That last statement of mine came out more harsh than supposed to :-) My 
point here is just that I'm doing all this for the fun of it, and to me 
its good fun to code and watch the product beeing used by people. 
Politics is not my idea of fun ;-) so if there is too much politics 
involved there becomes less and less of a reason for me to keep working 
on olsrd.
The statement was not about me forcing my opinions on you guys by 
setting ultimatums - it's just because, as stated earlier, I do not use 
olsrd, so the fun is all that's left. Take that away and I'll not have 
any reason to work on this anymore. This might sound serious, but it is 
something I've had in the back of my head a long time. I believe in open 
discussions and people expressing their feelings, and I will consider 
all arguments. But I'm not interested in having to go into lengthy 
defence speeches about all desictions(but I realize the licensing issue 
is a special issue compared to more technical ones). Olsrd is one of 
many immature ad-hoc routing protocol implementations - and I would like 
to see it become the most used of theese. that's really all there is to 
it, but I understand that others might regard other issues more important.
Well - that sounded a bit harsh as well, but I hope I've stated my 
point, no hard feelings!

Now I guess most of you guys on this list really use olsrd and have more 
interests in it than just the fun of coding ;) So the bottom line is 
that if I, sooner or later, decide that it's not worth it anymore, I am 
confident that competent users(like the c-base crowd) will consider take 
over and keep up the work on olsrd. So in the future, when I talk about 
quitting it's not a threat, it's just me saying "hey, what happened to 
the fun stuff" :-)

Let me finish off by saying that I fully understand and appreciate your 
arguments and the work you have put in Elektra! I guess a lot of people 
on this list agree with you, and I will keep this in mind.

- Andreas

Andreas T√łnnesen

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