[olsr-dev] IPC-Protocol / GUI

onelektra (spam-protected)
Sun Nov 21 18:57:34 CET 2004

Hi -

you're right - I 've got strong emotions about this. But I don't want to 
waste my day and your time on so-well-known discussions, too. And I 
don't know what the future is going to show.

What I perfectly understand is that you and Thomas are the 
core-developers of that project. And I strongly believe in personal 
freedom and that everybody has the right to choose - so you can do with 
the code whatever you want. I can only appeal not to do it.

If you state you're only going to support a project that has the 
BSD-license or you cease it - then changing the license is your way.

I was euphoric about seeing my idea for the ETX-like metric implemented 
in olsr - and I loved to have that ceremony with the barrel of beer we 
drank last wednesday. Now I m quite sad. I see my strongest fear coming 
up - your work and my idea could legally be reused in closed source that 
could bring somebody behind bars. And it would be legal to use your code 
  in secret software on the battlefields in the near future or for 
sinister surveillance purposes.

I know how stupid this discussions about open-source issues could be - 
and I don't want to be occupied with that.

You want to switch the licence to BSD-style? Go for it.

 > It is my experience from the few companies I've worked with, that
 > they(comercial companies) are actualy doing their best not to break
 > licenses. Ofcause there are bad seeds that will not think twice before
 > stealing code, but that is not my point here.

The example I gave was not a statement about the bad apple on the tree - 
it was literally every manufacturer of consumer-hardware.

 > BUT - if the
> licensing issue turns out to be someting that will turn users away from 
> olsrd or that anyone will start forking off 0.4.7, then we will most 
> definetly reconsider the license change(and probably my own role in the 
> whole project).

No, let's drop the subject. I will wait and see where this projekt is 
going to before I come up with any more ideas of improving the protocol.

cu elektra

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