[olsr-dev] IPC-Protocol / GUI

Andreas T√łnnesen (spam-protected)
Thu Nov 18 13:17:45 CET 2004

> So, you are going to rewrite the IPC ?

Well - Thomas has _unofficialy_ said he'll do i. So as for now this is his
turf. But no official desictions have been made - I really can't promise
anything on his behalf :-)

>     * Creating a IPC plugin which handles all the remote connections.
>       Now, we have the IPC inside of olsrd with an own port and
>       configuration, we have the dot_draw plugin with an own port and
>       configuration, etc.

Yes - I agrre that the IPC stuff should be put in a plugin. It has been my
plan all along - but I have never gotten around to do it since I figured
that if such a rewrite was to be done(moving IPC code to a plugin), then I
might as well rewrite the entire IPC scheme... wich is what is going to
happen :-)

>     * According to Thomas the current GUI is (more or less) guessing the
>       "state" of olsrd instead of knowing it. That should be corrected.

The current GUI receives all olsr traffic and rebuilds the topology. This
was fair enough when I started fiddeling with the GUI, but it is probably
the #1 reason for rewriting the interface.

>>- The IPC interface will be a superset of the dot_draw plugin(the data
>>might not be delivered in that excact format) so that a GUI can visiulize
>>the topology.
> What do you mean with "the data might not be delivered in that exact
> format" ?

That the GUI does not need to receive data in the dot format. The GUI will
have all needed inforamtion already and can generate its own dot file if
nessecarry, so there is no need to deliver extra "dot"-type data.

> Just to get an idea - is "a not to distant future" still in 2004 ?

Well have to see about that. But I seriously doublt that any final version
of the IPC interface will be ready this year.
Heh - "this year" sounds like a looong time... but 2005 is only a few
weeks away :-)

> I gladly help   :-)


- Andreas

Andreas T√łnnesen

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