[olsr-dev] IPC-Protocol / GUI

Marek Lindner (spam-protected)
Thu Nov 18 13:01:32 CET 2004

Andreas T√łnnesen wrote:

>The plan is to redesign the IPC interface in a not to distant future. I
>agree on you design points:
>- A general GUI would benefit from using a cross platfor toolkit.
>- The new IPC interface should allow for setting of olsrd parameters in

So, you are going to rewrite the IPC ?
Then I'd like to provide some of our (detailed) ideas regarding the IPC 

    * Creating a IPC plugin which handles all the remote connections.
      Now, we have the IPC inside of olsrd with an own port and
      configuration, we have the dot_draw plugin with an own port and
      configuration, etc.
    * According to Thomas the current GUI is (more or less) guessing the
      "state" of olsrd instead of knowing it. That should be corrected.

>- The IPC interface will be a superset of the dot_draw plugin(the data
>might not be delivered in that excact format) so that a GUI can visiulize
>the topology.

What do you mean with "the data might not be delivered in that exact 
format" ?

>We are looking for people interested in doing a GUI when the new IPC
>interface is ready, so keep that in mind if you are into these things :-)

Just to get an idea - is "a not to distant future" still in 2004 ? 
I gladly help   :-)

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