[olsr-dev] HNA checking..

Jens Nachtigall (spam-protected)
Mon Dec 20 14:42:38 CET 2004

> hi
> the hna settings in the config file are always populated by the
> olsrd, but if i remove the route then olsrd dont noticed that. it
> anounces the hna but cant route the packets.. it would be nice if
> olsrd can check the routing table if the hna is valid and then stop
> announcing this hna..
> its almost the same function wich the dyn_gw plugin performs.. i can
> modify the dyn_gw plugin to do this work for me.. but it would be
> nicer if olsrd would do the job.. or a new plugin 'hna_check.so'.. it
> validates all hna entrys agains the routing table and remove if its
> not reachable..

So what you want is more generic dyn_gw, i.e. not only checking inet 
gws, but all types of hna announcable subnets. Sounds nice to me. 
Andreas, already said, that adding this feature to the dyn_gw plugin 
would be nice in a previous thread. Personally, I'd like to hear about 
that. Maybe you could send a patch against cvs.


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