[olsr-dev] HNA checking..

Bjoern Riemer (spam-protected)
Mon Dec 20 12:29:47 CET 2004


the hna settings in the config file are always populated by the olsrd, but if i remove the 
route then olsrd dont noticed that. it anounces the hna but cant route the packets..
it would be nice if olsrd can check the routing table if the hna is valid and then stop 
announcing this hna..
its almost the same function wich the dyn_gw plugin performs.. i can modify the dyn_gw 
plugin to do this work for me.. but it would be nicer if olsrd would do the job..
or a new plugin 'hna_check.so'.. it validates all hna entrys agains the routing table and 
remove if its not reachable..


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