[olsr-dev] outputsize ??

Andreas Tønnesen (spam-protected)
Thu Dec 2 17:08:24 CET 2004

[I forgot to send this to the dev list]

Yes, the new buffer interface breaks backwards compabillity. When 
changing the design to use pr. interface buffers, sadly, there was no 
way to keep backwards compabillity. If you have such a plugin it is 
fairly easy to adapt it to the new API. You can look at how it is done 
in the security plugin.

With the new API you just pass data to a function call and the buffer 
management is done internally by olsrd. If you need to reserve 
bufferspace for some special purpose there are functions available for 
this. All in all, the new design is a much better one. I hope this 
dosn't cause you too much trouble :)
Breaking backwards compability like this is something that hopefully 
will not happen very often, but 0.4.8 features very very much new code 
(including new plugin features) so plugin developerms might have to take 
a second look at their code when updating to 0.4.8(when it is released).

- Andreas

Andrea Sini wrote:
> Andreas Tønnesen wrote:
>> Hi,
>> For olsrd <0.4.8 outputsize is set in the packet generation functions 
>> in build_msg.c
>> The outputbuffer code is rewritten in current code(which is soon to be 
>> 0.4.8) and now there no longer is a outputsize parameter but rather a 
>> set of functions for adding data to outputbuffers pr. interface.
> Really ??? Oooops...
> Excuse me... :-)
> Is there going to be  a"backward compatibility" ???
> I mean, a plugin written for olsrd <= 0.4.7 is still going to work with 
> future releases ?? (for example for the use of output buffer...)
> Thanks
> Bye
> Andrea

Andreas Tønnesen

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