[Olsr-users] Link Quality extension tuning (How to make LQ HELLO packets bigger?)

Mk (spam-protected)
Mon May 21 16:00:00 CEST 2018

Hello All!

   I have MANET network of mobile devices with IP-camera onboard. 
   Devices transmit stream-video over MESH, but when distances are too long, and bandwidth goes down to 1-2 Mbits, it's not enough for video.
   I have 2 cases of links:

   1st case is direct link:
   NoteBook with VideoPlayer (VLC) <---                   600 meters                           -----> Object B

   OLSRD with LinkQualityLevel=2 decides than Notebook should have direct wi-fi link with B. 
   Video-steam fails. 

   2nd case is using object A as relay:
   NoteBook with VideoPlayer (VLC) <--- 300 meters ---> Object A  <---- 300 meters ---> Object B

   In 2nd case video is working. But how to make OLSRD to choose this route ?

   I think Link Quality mechanism be default is working with small UDP packets (less 100 bytes) and direct link LQ*NLQ is higher than
   total (LQ1*NLQ1*LQ2*NLQ2).

   But if it could be possible to set LQ HELLO packet to 300-1200 bytes, % of packet loss will change, and
   Link Quality evaluation could be more appropriate for high bandwidth transmissions. 
   Do someone have any ideas ?

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