[Olsr-users] OLSR running but not updating routing table

Adam Longwill (spam-protected)
Fri Sep 30 21:20:54 CEST 2016

We've got a setup where we're running OLSR on a dedicated ethernet
interface on a debian server (which is new and I'll refer to as our Main
Router). This interface is connected to a switch that has 3 other
OLSR-enabled devices connected and nothing else. 1 of these devices is
another debian 8 box that olsr is working perfectly on. The other two are
Ubiquiti Rockets that have been working just fine for 2 years running OLSR
over their Ethernet interfaces.

When we turn on OLSR on the Main Router, it discovers a route to the other
debian 8 box. Using TCPdump, we can see the Rockets OLSR traffic hitting
the Main router's ethernet interface- but the routing table is not being
updated. It doesn't appear that any errors are being thrown.

Curiously, when we log into the GUI of the UBNT devices, we can see them
seeing each other properly in the OLSR neighbors list (attached) where
their ETX values are .1.

But if you look at the IP of the Main Router in the neighbors list, the ETX
value is 0.0 which... I have never seen before.

For testing purposes, we plugged in a GL-inet device just to see to this
router just to see if it was UBNT-specific, but the same behavior occurred
where the OLSR traffic from the GL-inet device was hitting the Main
Router's interface- but a route to that new GL-Inet router does not get
inserted into the Main Router's routing table.

What is going on?
The config file for the debian 8 box was copied over to the Main Router
running debian 8 and we've check to make sure the proper changes were made
to compensate for the new box's IP.

All the devices on the proper subnets. We cannot see why the routes are not
updating on the Main router.

Any ideas?

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