[Olsr-users] Running olsrd2 from different namespaces

Dani Camps (spam-protected)
Wed Nov 16 18:08:26 CET 2016

Dear all,

I have a virtual mesh setup where each node is represented with a net
namespace (ip netns), and the virtual mesh topology is established
using veth pairs that connect namespaces with each other.

My intention was to run olsrd2 inside each namespace. I run olsrd2 in
the first namespace doing:

./olsrd2_static veth_1 veth_2 lo

But when I try the same in the different namespace, which exposes
other network interfaces, I get:

16:33:36.215 WARN(main) src-api/core/oonf_main.c 248: Could not
acquire application lock '/var/run/OLSRd2.lock'

Does anyone know how to run olsrd from different namespaces? Maybe I
need to launch each instance with a different pid. If you have an
example configuration to do this it would be helpful for me.

Thanks for you help.

Best Regards


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