[Olsr-users] Multicast trafic over speedest and most reliable link,

Taner Kurtulus (spam-protected)
Wed May 4 15:06:40 CEST 2016

Hi All,

We are planning to use OLSRv2 in order to decide best route for multicast
trafic. Best route can be described as over links which has highest speed
and link quality. Each OLSRv2 deamon will have at least two interface, one
has large capacity other has long link coverage with low speed.

if we first link goes out of coverage, the other link should be selected
for routes.

Is it possible to handle that scenario with OLSRv2 ? Or Do we need to use
OLSRv1 with BMF plugin. In that case link seed metric cannot be used :( Am
I right ?


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