[Olsr-users] OLSRd2: increase metric for VPN links

Nemesis (spam-protected)
Thu Mar 17 19:05:44 CET 2016


in the setup i'm testing, each node has a VPN which I'd like to use for
management and redundancy purposes.

In some cases, I don't still understand why, olsrd2 chooses the VPN link
over a direct wireless link.
After stopping the vpn and restarting olsrd2 several times this disappears.
Probably I should be more patient for OLSRd2 to converge automatically,
but since I need to try many different configurations in a short time I
would like to tell olsrd2 toadd a penalty on the metrics of VPN
linkslike we normally do in ninux with olsrd1.
This way olsrd2 should choose the VPN link only as last resort.

How to do that?

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