[Olsr-users] Session Update Message to router

Mika Rajala (spam-protected)
Wed Feb 24 15:41:34 CET 2016


As said here

Session Update Message should get a Session Update Response Message.

This doesn't seem to work.


If I'm not totally incorrect, the function that should handle the Session Update Message starts at line 203 (dlep_extension_router_process_peer_update)

It exits at line 210 after checking that restrict_signal != DLEP_PEER_INITIALIZATION_ACK

Which is wrong(?)

Also, the function doesn't generate and send a DLEP_PEER_UPDATE_ACK, or as in DLEP specification, Session Update Response Message.

Is this just broken or am I missing something?

Is this the correct source code repository, is there a different version somewhere?

Is this the wrong mailing list to handle this stuff?

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