[Olsr-users] olsr + IPv6 + multiple gateways/prefixes

Martin Garbe (spam-protected)
Tue Oct 6 22:14:58 CEST 2015

Hello all,

currently our community [1] is using only IPv4. We are now planing to
add IPv6 to the mesh. In our network we have multiple gateways from
different ISPs. When using IPv6 we also want to have this situation. As
a consequence nodes should have multiple IPv6 addresses depending on the
amount of gateways and therefore prefixes from ISPs.

I know there is a plugin [2] for using multiple gateways for olsrv1. But
this only works for IPv4 regarding Readme file.

I found a document about BRDP [3]. This seems to be exactly what we
need. As far as I can see it was not yet implemented in olsrv1 or olsrv2.

>From your point of view, what is the best way to solve the problem above
with multiple ipv6 prefixes and gateways?

Best regards,
Martin Garbe

[1] http://www.opennet-initiative.de
[3] http://www.olsr.org/files/multi-smart-gateway.pdf

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