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A project I've been working on requires data to be sent on multihop network.

I've used 3 DELL laptops which has Broadcom BCM4365 wireless hybrid adapter
and a Linksys WRT 54GL router. The devices are running OLSR 0.6.7. As the
loss was very high when the devices were kept afar, I've put the devices in
the same room.

Consider device A, B, C to be the laptops and device D to be the router.
Currently all devices can communicate with each other.

Now as I wanted the devices to communicate only to its immediate neighbor,
I manually blocked the 2nd hop and 3rd hop neighbors using the following
   sudo iptables -A INPUT -m mac --mac-source <mac id> -j DROP

The device A can send data only to B blocking C and D, B can send data to A
and C but blocked D, C can send data to B and D, but blocked A and D can
send data to C but blocked A and B.

The topology being
     A <-----> B <-----> C <-----> D

An example of the current routing table of A after manually blocking of
other neighbors is
  1st hop       2nd hop
     B                 C

The device A can ping its 2nd hop neighbor device C through B.

But the device B cannot ping its 2nd hop neighbor router D.
The device A cannot pass data to 3rd hop neighbor router D.
The router can ping only its immediate neighbor C.

Is this problem due to incompatibility of network adapters of laptop and
the router? Should I replace the laptops with the routers or is there any
other issue that I don't know of?

Thanks in advance.
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