[Olsr-users] olsrd (and earlier) ipv6 problems

Russell Senior (spam-protected)
Tue Mar 25 10:28:11 CET 2014

>>>>> "Russell" == Russell Senior <(spam-protected)> writes:

Russell> However, something else is causing an ipv6 routing table
Russell> collapse, and that's rebooting one of the nodes.  And I do
Russell> have a packet capture of that:

Russell>   https://personaltelco.net/~russell/vpn-capture3-ipv6.pcap

Russell> ::407 is the server in the middle.  This is filtering for
Russell> only ipv6 olsrd traffic on the openvpn interface as seen from
Russell> the central server. All the other hosts are nodes.  The trace
Russell> starts and ends with 186 routes in ::407's ipv6 routing table
Russell> (as counted by "ip -6 r | wc -l").  Shortly after the start,
Russell> I rebooted one of my test nodes, ::1201.  After maybe 30
Russell> seconds or maybe a bit less the route count on ::407 was down
Russell> to about 20, then it gradually built back up, getting back to
Russell> 186 a few seconds before then end of the trace.

Here is an bzip2'd strace from a reboot event (not the same one as
above).  Again, this attaching to the ipv6 olsrd process on the server
at ::407.


The reboot occurs at 02:13:00.  By 02:13:22, the route count has begun
to decline, it bottoms out around 02:13:30, and starts back up at
around 02:13:42.

Russell Senior, President

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