[Olsr-users] olsrd (and earlier) ipv6 problems

Russell Senior (spam-protected)
Tue Mar 25 08:38:09 CET 2014

>>>>> "Henning" == Henning Rogge <(spam-protected)> writes:

Henning> Hi, what kind of IPv6 addresses are assigned on bridges and
Henning> interfaces before and after you change the connectivity?

Henning> OLSRd use nearly the same codepaths for IPv4 and IPv6, so I
Henning> expect there is some "outside event" that triggers this
Henning> behavior.

The nodes have an interface on the vpn with an ipv6addr of
$PREFIX::xxyy/64, and a public bridge interface with an ipv6addr of
$PREFIX:xxyy::1/64, where $PREFIX is the /48 we are delegated by
HE.net, and xx and yy are the two bytes of ipv4 address we use on our
private 10.11.xx.yy network.  The olsr6d.conf includes an HNA6 of
$PREFIX:xxyy::/64.  The only thing that changes between
working/notworking is that I turn off the ipv6 olsrd.

Our olsr6d.conf looks like this, for our node that lives at 

   IpVersion 6

   LinkQualityFishEye 0

           $PREFIX:1201::    64

   Interface "br-pub" "ptp"

I'd be happy to capture a packet trace of one of the route collapse
events, if it would be helpful.

Russell Senior, President

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