[Olsr-users] Where am I going wrong in the settings.

Fri Apr 11 14:13:43 CEST 2014

hello, this olsr date with svn, latest version.

right, follow the steps you gave me and then post the results

I did everything exactly as you said, to take out the ping fails, in the
early hna the 2nd ceases to be announced

echo "/ hna" | nc 2006
HTTP/1.0 200 OK
Content-type: text / plain

Table: HNA
Destination     Gateway

the first time I waited 2 minutes and the second test I waited 10 minutes,
the default route with metric 0 continued it, but now as a node
only had then just got, to reconnect the cable in a few seconds
the ping back working and hna shall be reposted without changing anything

echo "/ hna" | nc 2006
HTTP/1.0 200 OK
Content-type: text / plain

Table: HNA
Destination     Gateway / 0

the problem is that the default route does not leave the table, even when
she's not working anymore.

sorry about the time I have taken from you. I am available for any test

Anderson Junior

2014-04-11 3:29 GMT-04:00 Teco Boot <(spam-protected)>:

> Op 11 apr. 2014, om 08:33 heeft Henning Rogge <
> (spam-protected)> het volgende geschreven:
> >
> >> 2. dyn_gw with ping check doesn't work.
> >> Long ago I helped Caspar to repair this plugin. I tested, it worked.
> Let's see what we can do.
> >> I tested, below my results. It works.
> >> Please verify with same configuration and show your results.
> >> Do you have tcpdump?
> >
> > *looking at next mail*
> >
> > the tcpdump looks fine, ICMPs to Google are not working anymore when the
> > cable is pulled and the HNA is dropped.
> >
> > It would take some time for the HNA entries in the other nodes to
> > timeout, but after ~30 seconds they should be gone.
> Yes, it would take some time.
> This was just the reference test dyn_gw is working.
> @Anderson:
> Could you test with single node, with ping test to, in order
> below. Run tcpdump in background.
> 1. olsrd is running, cable connected, default route is in routing table,
> ping to succeeds, HNA is advertised
> 2. remove cable, ping to fails
> 3. each 10 seconds, check routing table for default routes (metric 0 and
> metric 2), HNA advertisement
> 4. after 2 minutes or so, connect the cable and reinstall your static
> route if needed, ping to should succeed
> 5. repeat step 3.
> I did see output, where OLSR reacted on disconnected cable. But there was
> also the static route. This was strange, please confirm if this problem is
> still present.
> Teco
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