[Olsr-users] Where am I going wrong in the settings.

Henning Rogge (spam-protected)
Tue Apr 8 11:32:09 CEST 2014

On Tue, Apr 8, 2014 at 3:53 AM, ANDERSON JUNIOR GADO DA SILVA <
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> Hi, I spent the weekend and all day today trying to understand where this
> my mistake, but so far no concegui find, I'll try clearly explain my test
> environment, reduce to 3 the number of routers, let's go:
> Node 1 gw
> Node 2 gw
> 3 client node
> the 2 nodes that are gw, I configured the wan interfaces with fixed ip,
> catching internet switch, all routers are close, the node 3 cable I have
> connected my computer to test the internet, so I'll call the 3 routers,
> logo node 3 chooses a wheel, sometimes the node 1 node 2 times.
> everything working fine I will do some testing, I see that this pointed to
> the the route to node 1, then it will switch and lock the internet from
> node 1 to see if the node 3 will change the route to node 2 that still has
> internet but this does not happen, then I see this as the routing table and
> it has not changed, still pointing to node 1, only works if I restart olsr
> (/ etc / init.d / olsrd restart), when I do that it points to route to node
> 2, I wonder if I have to make a script and put it in cron will clear this
> route table from time to time, or how to make it update routes when a
> change occurs in the topology below follows like this now my olsr.conf

You should see the HNA (Host and Network Association) of node one vanishing
(you can check with the txtinfo output on node 3).

If it does not vanish your usage/configuration of the dyn_gw plugin doesn't
work, which makes olsr not to detect your internet loss.

Henning Rogge
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