[Olsr-users] Problem with new gateway on the network

Sun Apr 6 15:54:11 CEST 2014

Hello, until now I was using only one gateway in my small network, so I
decided to add a new gateway so far so good, let's go to my experience, I
believe I have done anything wrong, while adding new node I configured the
wan interface ip addr d, called automatically when the radio he took with
gateway, but he was not yet, because I still had internet, I was just
connected to a switch, the closest we have also identified it as a gateway
and changed its table routing, even though he was not yet a true gateway,
as much as I restart, it remains the gateway, but does not have internt,
has some parameter or setting that we test and see that it is not a true
gateway and back for true route?
my setup is as follows:

DebugLevel 0
AllowNoInt yes
IpVersion 4
LinkQualityLevel 2
ClearScreen yes

LoadPlugin "olsrd_arprefresh.so.0.1"

LoadPlugin "olsrd_dyn_gw.so.0.5"

LoadPlugin "olsrd_nameservice.so.0.3"
        PlParam "name" "gwsc1"

LoadPlugin "olsrd_txtinfo.so.0.1"
        PlParam "accept" ""

Interface "wlan0"

Anderson Junior
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