[Olsr-users] Accessing OLSR parameters

Shyam B (spam-protected)
Fri Sep 20 10:49:04 CEST 2013

Hello All,

OLSR is working very stable. I am running it on network of RPI's and
TP-Link routers. So far so good. I am using OLSR only as part of my
project. Will try to keep post to the point, here are my questions.

1) I run olsrd deamon by using [sudo olsrd -f /etc/olsrd/olsrd.conf -d 1],
this starts the deamon in the terminal and shows me all interesting
parameters, like LQ, ETX, Neighbor Link Quality in real-time.
    a) However, I want to use python code to get access to these parameters
OLSR provides. Is there an API I can directly access, or something I can
make use of in real-time. An neat example will be helpful.
    b) I would like to run this deamon in silent mode

2) Consider node A entering the region of node B. They update their routing
tables. Since, I am doing this for mobile nodes, I would like the update to
be as fast, smooth and (as efficient) as possible [in this order]. Which
parameter(s) should I consider changing in olsrd.conf file. Currently it
takes, upto 15 seconds for listing in route -n, plus 40 seconds to bring
ETX from infinity to < 2.0. I have tried changing the hello/TC intervals,
as I read from RFC, however, I am not able to see an immediate difference.
Is it still fine to have separate config values on all nodes, or should
they be the same for best performance. For now, on ALL nodes, I have the
following config:

    # Hello interval in seconds(float)
    HelloInterval        5.0

    # HELLO validity time
    HelloValidityTime        40.0

    # TC interval in seconds(float)
    TcInterval            2.0

    # TC validity time
    #TcValidityTime        256.0

    # MID interval in seconds(float)
    #MidInterval            18.0

    # MID validity time
    #MidValidityTime        324.0

    # HNA interval in seconds(float)
    #HnaInterval            18.0

    # HNA validity time
    #HnaValidityTime        108.0

I am sure experienced users/ developers can help me in this.
Yours inputs on this will be appreciated. Thank you!

Best Regards,
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