[Olsr-users] Using dyn-gw plugin vs. freifunk-gwcheck

Ben West (spam-protected)
Tue Oct 22 19:32:55 CEST 2013

Hello again,

I'm curious if anyone is aware of any benefits to using either of these
methods for detecting Internet connectivity on a OpenWRT gateway node:

1. The "ping" parameter for dyn-gw plugin (readme for v0.6.5.4 below):

2. The freifunk-gwcheck scripting-based tool:

I had been trying out freifunk-gwcheck with its default config on nodes
running olsrd v0.6.5.4 and with SmartGateway enabled.  However, I was
finding gateway nodes occasionally losing their default route entirely
after outages in their upstream Internet connection.  That is,
freifunk-gwcheck would detect the outage and modify node's local routing
table, but it would apparently not recover when the outage was resolved.
I'm not asking on this list for any further into about freifunk-gwcheck
operation, as this is not the right venue.

The ping parameter for the dyn-gw plugin, however, looks like it might be a
better option, as it does not modify the routing table.  Still, that plugin
is now a few years old.  Are there any known interoperability issues with
dyn-gw ping parameter and the SmartGateway plugin?

Ben West
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