[Olsr-users] [Olsr-dev] Configuring TC redundancy parameter?

chris - (spam-protected)
Wed May 8 01:44:48 CEST 2013


The second one is that the current MPR algorithm is a pure greedy
> algorithm, which doesn't care about the former MPR set. This means there
> are situations where it will constantly switch MPR settings because of
> metric fluctuations. Which will result in

a more instable flooding of control traffic.

This actually explains a lot. A couple questions:

(1) We were thinking it would be reasonable in our network to use only
signal level in path length calculations. Our main problem is that
fewer-hop paths are preferred, even if they use a weak,
geographically-separated link. This results in enormous losses for us. Is
this tunable or does it require a rewrite? I've notice that ETX has become
the default link-sensing metric.

(2) Perhaps to stabilize the MPR selection, it would suffice to calculate
link quality over a longer period of time. As most of our nodes aren't
mobile and are always up, this would make sense. What do you think?

Thanks for your help!

Chris Patton
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