[Olsr-users] Building configparser binary fails.

Ferry Huberts (spam-protected)
Fri Jun 21 13:46:43 CEST 2013

On 21/06/13 13:15, Thijs van Veen wrote:
> To whom it may concern,
> I'm using OLSR v. 0.6.1 on Ubuntu 12.04 (3.2.0-45 kernel).
> When trying to build the binary version of cfgparser, make exits with
> errors.
> The library version compiles perfectly fine, as does OLSR itself.
> I tried the following two invocations (seeing as the Makefiles use
> simple ifdefs, the value shouldn't matter):
> (spam-protected):~/olsr/olsrd$ make cfgparser MAKEBIN=1
> (spam-protected):~/olsr/olsrd/src/cfgparser$ make MAKEBIN=1
> I've saved the output from the second invocation to:
> http://pastebin.com/Mu6d5gdH
> The first output is similar, but with slightly different paths (as is to
> be expected).

I think you're the first to notice (we didn't...) this since a very long
>From which I conclude that nobody uses it this way.

So if it's important enough to you then I'm inviting you to supply
patches to fix this build :-)

Ferry Huberts

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