[Olsr-users] Doubts about Willingness, MPR Selection and Routing.

Alex López (spam-protected)
Mon Feb 4 14:43:55 CET 2013

You say that I should left ETX active and turn off the MPRs but in the
options available for OLSRd, the only option I see is the Link Quality
option 0 or 2. If I select the option 2, the ETX is active, but it says
that it will use ETX to calculate the MPR and the routing, so I don't know
how to specify disable the MPRs.

However, aren't MPRs the core of OLSR protocol? In theory, the MPRs are
done to minimize the flooding of control messages in the mesh network, so,
if you are not working with them, how is the Olsrd v1 working? Is all the
traffic going broadcast to all the neighbours instead of going only to the

2013/2/4 Henning Rogge <(spam-protected)>

> On 02/04/2013 09:16 AM, Alex López wrote:
>> One last question.
>> You said that the MPR selection algorithm was discarted long time ago in
>> the olsrv1 right? But when I check the olsr info plugin I can see that
>> some nodes are MPR and some no. Here
>> http://www.olsr.org/docs/**README-Link-Quality.html<http://www.olsr.org/docs/README-Link-Quality.html>you explain how the
>> MPRs are selected when LQ is set to 1 or 2, it's this algorithm (LQ
>> extension) working in the olsrv1?
> The algorithm to generate MPRs based on the ETX is there, but it might not
> work well in some multi-interface situations.
> In addition to this I am not aware of a single Community-Mesh network that
> uses MPR, so the code is not well tested.
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Alex Lopez
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