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Michael Rack (spam-protected)
Fri Mar 30 09:39:34 CEST 2012

Of course, my link is sometimes congested, but i don't know the current 
max. bandwidth, because the link-quality is jumping, so the bandwidth is 
between 5 and 15 MBit. The most of the time, stable at 15 MBit.

ROUTE A have stable bandwidth at 60MBit, so i like to use ROUTE B only 
for backup. But currently ROUTE B is the primary choose from olsr.

Now i will give LinkQualityMult a try.

How can i reload olsrd.conf without killing and restarting olsr?
Currently i always have about 10-30 sec. of downtime.

To solve/minimize my "flapping" problem, i've installed a tc-rule a long 
time before, because the link was allways degraded on a high usage:

> 1634K   84M MARK tcp  tcp flags:0x17/0x02 mark match 0x0 MARK xset 
> 0x1/0xffffffff
>   76M 3790M MARK tcp  tcp flags:0x10/0x10 length 0:100 mark match 0x0 
> MARK xset 0x1/0xffffffff
> 3383K 1726M MARK udp  udp dpt:698 mark match 0x0 MARK xset 0x2/0xffffffff

> qdisc htb 1: root r2q 10 default 104 direct_packets_stat 5
> class htb 1:1 root rate 14000Kbit ceil 14000Kbit burst 6Kb cburst 6Kb
> class htb 1:101 parent 1:1 leaf 801d: prio 1 rate 200kbit ceil 
> 14000Kbit burst 6Kb cburst 6Kb
> class htb 1:102 parent 1:1 leaf 801e: prio 2 rate 300kbit ceil 
> 14000Kbit burst 4Kb cburst 4Kb
> class htb 1:103 parent 1:1 leaf 801f: prio 4 rate 500kbit ceil 
> 14000Kbit burst 2Kb cburst 2Kb
> class htb 1:104 parent 1:1 leaf 8020: prio 7 rate 4000Kbit ceil 
> 14000Kbit burst 1Kb cburst 1022b
> filter parent 1: protocol ip pref 49152 fw handle 0x1 classid 1:101
> filter parent 1: protocol ip pref 49151 fw handle 0x2 classid 1:102
> filter parent 1: protocol ip pref 49151 fw handle 0x3 classid 1:103
> filter parent 1: protocol ip pref 49151 fw handle 0x4 classid 1:104

Liebe Grüße aus Freilassing,

Michael Rack
RSM Freilassing
RSM Freilassing                 Tel.: +49 8654 607110
Nocksteinstr. 13                Fax.: +49 8654 670438
D-83395 Freilassing            www.rsm-freilassing.de

Am 30.03.2012 02:04, schrieb Markus Kittenberger:
> On Thu, Mar 29, 2012 at 9:40 PM, Michel Blais 
> <(spam-protected) <mailto:(spam-protected)>> wrote:
>     This often happen when the're no traffic on A link and b link have
>     some paquet lost.
>     If paquet lost for B link is too much and cost more then 3 then it
>     will try link A. If the're no traffic on link B then cost come
>     back to 2 so it goes back to B.
> imho first to do do solve/minimize this "flapping" problem, is 
> priorizing olsrd traffic so it gets as least as possible affected by 
> packetloss due to congestion on your links,..
> Markus
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