[Olsr-users] About RSSI using

WANG Liangyou (spam-protected)
Wed Jan 4 07:50:58 CET 2012

Dear all olsrd experts,

Now I am focus on one project, which will implement fast routing based on
WiFi RSSI value.

Such as two paramenter will be configured: rssi_low, rssi_high.

If rssi on one link is more than rssi_high, then this link is active; if
rssi on this link is less than rssi_low, 

then this link will be inactive and no date will be transfer over this link.


I know how to get real time rssi from wireless card, but do not know how to
control olsrd codes to change topology and route tables.


Would you please help me investigate how to implement it with olsrd codes?
Which functions are helpful?

And is there already some similar solutions for my reference?


Your any hints will be great help to me!


Much appreciated in advance!


Hope to get your answers!!!


Best regards,



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