[Olsr-users] olsr position update plugin configuration

Teco Boot (spam-protected)
Sat Dec 1 12:49:59 CET 2012

Op 30 nov. 2012, om 16:23 heeft Bidur Devkota het volgende geschreven:

> I tried to provide random locations (programmatically) via the NMEA statements to UDP port 2240, But the updates were not seen until the olsrd is restarted.
Make sure NMEA input is valid.
Check OLSR messages with:
    tcpdump -nvXi wlan0 udp port 698 | grep "ab" -A 4
There should be a message for each node, with its interval.
Take different vtime for stationary and moving, so you can see what is happening.

Do you have an app, using the PUD position info?


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