[Olsr-users] Anyone with verified 802.11n HT speeds on Ubiquiti M devices in adhoc/mesh mode?

Ben West (spam-protected)
Mon Mar 14 06:10:05 CET 2011

I just set up 3 Ubiquiti M5 devices as mesh nodes running OpenWRT 10.0.3-rc4
+ OLSR 0.6 meshing, and with 802.11s layer 2 meshing.  Working at 20Mbit/s
between repeater and gateway, somewhat less when further than 1 hop away
from gateway.  I've apparently not been able to get HT modes (i.e. 40MHz
channels) to work, which may be a limitation of ath9k driver in OpenWRT

More info here:

The lack of HT mode support in ad-hoc mode for OpenWRT Backfire appears to
be confirmed by these patches for precisely that feature to
compat-wireless-2011-01-17 package:

Has anyone tried these out?

Ben West
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