[Olsr-users] Quagga plugin for olsrd

Vasilis Tsiligiannis (spam-protected)
Mon Jun 13 22:35:05 CEST 2011

Στις Παρ 10 Ιουν 2011 11:54:15 ZioPRoTo (Saverio Proto) γράψατε:
> Hello Vasilis,
Hi Zio,
> also here at Ninux we started to use the quagga plugin because we have
> now two BGP routers we need communicate with the olsr routing.
> at the moment we did not have any luck, so we are not using the plugin
> at all. We had to put a static route on the BGP router to the closest
> OLSR node :(
I understand. There is a known restriction with Quagga and 1-hop host routes 
which needs to be fixed. See https://lists.olsr.org/pipermail/olsr-users/2011-
May/004713.html .

I have pushed some patches to git://git.acinonyx.ath.cx/olsrd-quagga.git 
(branch: olsrd-0.6.x) which hopefully fix this issue. You can give them a try 
and report back. If they work, I will push them upstream to olsrd git.
Also, Smart gateway feature cannot be used together with quagga plugin because 
it messes with different routing tables and rules which Quagga does not 

> is the plugin supposed to be stable both for IPv4 and IPv6 ?
Yes, it should be stable for both IPv4 and IPv6 in latest stable olsrd 

> this is the most updated documention correct ?
> http://olsr.org/git/?p=olsrd.git;a=blob;f=lib/quagga/README_QUAGGA;h=8e44f8
> dc5c3e4bff70c3923a089c2ff73a43835b;hb=refs/heads/stable
This is the most updated documentation. It may need some trivia updates, but 
plugin parameters and sample config are correct.
> is anyone successfully running OLSR with Quagga BGP ? 
We've been running it in AWMN for years. But we are using point to point links 
and OLSR with subnet and not host routes.

> What version of Quagga would you suggest ?
I would suggest the latest version of Quagga - 0.99.18

Vasilis Tsiligiannis
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