[Olsr-users] AVAHI on OLSRd

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Wed Jun 8 11:46:39 CEST 2011

thankyou for the reply.


According to the mdns topolgy for OLSRd, does it mean I need to have two routers r1 and r2 every time to relay mDNS messages?

Is there any plugin which supports avahi  when the end users have olsr protocol running?

thanks in advance

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> > I loaded the plugin for mdns in all three machines PC1--PC2--PC3
> Hello,
> I'm sorry you cannot use the mDNS plugin with this topology.
> In the readme:
> http://goo.gl/rgcPV
> go to line 29.
> As you can see the mDNS plugin expects the OLSR routers to be the core
> of the network and the end users with Avahi not speaking the OLSR
> protocol.
> The users are in a network announced by HNA from the OLSR router that
> captures the mDNS traffic forward it to the other routers where other
> users are present in the delegated HNA networks. This is the idea
> behind the plugin, it is not for the avahi on the routers it self.
> I suggest your read the README. If you still have doubt also this
> document goes really into the details:
> http://zioproto.ninux.org/download/publications/mdns-plugin-paper.pdf
> feel free to write back on the mailing list if you have further questions :)
> Saverio
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