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Henning (spam-protected)
Thu Jul 28 16:52:55 CEST 2011

On Thursday 28 July 2011 13:03:04 L. Aaron Kaplan wrote:
> > I am working on the framework that (hopefully) will allow that in the
> > future, but there is still a lot of work to be done.
> > 
> > If someone feels bored and wants to do some code review, just tell me and
> > I point you to the repositories.
> I want to stress Henning's remark concerning a code review.

Okay, as Aaron mentioned the "framework" I am working on, I can say a few 
words about it.

I have already posted my work on the Code that is currently in the /src/common 
directory of Olsrd, and I think I have mentioned that I have been working on 
an API for configuration management. The first one is complete, the second one 
is close to complete, but the rest will need some experience with real world 
usage to finish them.

So I started a third project, the "olsr.org framework".

Described short, its the Olsr.org routing daemon without OLSR-specific code.

Its the combined code of the master branches Logging, socket- and timer-
scheduler, memory handling and so on, together with the new common and config 

I plan to build a main program for the next OLSR.org release with it that can 
handle all the basic stuff. Something we can set the routing code on top. You 
will recognize a lot of the code from the OLSR.org master repository.

So if you are interested in looking into the code, all of it is online on the 
olsr.org repository page:


(PacketBB is another API, the one which will be used to generate and parse the 
packet format for OLSRv2, it has its own repository too)

Henning Rogge

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