[Olsr-users] Curious about OLSR on AirOS, compared to OSPF, Quagga

Ben West (spam-protected)
Thu Feb 24 02:44:00 CET 2011

Hi All,

My apologies upfront if some of these are rank newbie questions.

I also realize this message harkens back to a long thread last month about
patching Ubiquiti AirOS with OLSRd (before I subscribed), but I'm curious if
anyone may have experience to share on current state of OLSR under AirOS vs.
other dynamic routing schemes such as OSPF/Quagga.

I've described my experience testing the Funk Feuer-patched AirOS 5.2 images
on 5GHz devices to this thread on the Ubiquiti forum.  I posted there since
I was curious about creating a hidden node situation with the testing.

Plus, I see that ninux.org have recently (this month) released their own
patched version of AirOS, based on that from Funk Feuer.

By manually specifying default routes b/w nodes (described in the
ubnt.comthread above), I can indeed effect multi-hop paths, but I
believe this
effectively overrides the OLSR service.  Is this presently the only option
for multi-hop routing on AirOS?

I see there are already AirOS images patched with Quagga/OSPF, which I'm
considering deploying in the mean time, as my intended mesh topology is
quite simple.

Is my understanding correct that, from a high level, one key feature which
OSPF does not provide w.r.t to OLSR is multi-hop routing?

(P.S. My motivation to try out AirOS comes from difficulties running
OpenWRT/madwifi firmware like Open-Mesh on Ubiquiti 2.4GHz devices.  Madwifi
operation seemed to be particularly spotty on devices like the Bullet2HP,
suggesting Ubiquiti had incorporated driver/kernel tweaks into their SDK for
speed and stability.)

Ben West
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