[Olsr-users] Slow http info plugin on FreeBSD & firewall rule

Michel Blais (spam-protected)
Tue Aug 2 22:36:06 CEST 2011


Anyone have a idea of why http_info is really slow to acces on FreeBSD ? 
I'm using the version 8.2 with OLSRd 0.6.1 from the package (pkg_add) 
and it can take around 1 minute to acces httpinfo but once it's loaded, 
changing from a tab to a other is fine but if I go into the address bar 
(without closing the page or the tab, the page show is still httpinfo) 
and type enter again, I have to wait 1 minute again. I don't have any 
delay with OLSRd on OpenWRT. Maybe I should try to build it from the port.

Also, I couldn't find any information on this with google and I think 
it's something that should be on the olsrd.org's FAQ, firewall should 
have a rule to let pass port 698/UDP traffic at destination of the 
broadcast address or else, the firewall will block hello paquet. The 
port was easy to find but I had to use tcp dump to know why my allow to 
NIC IP address was not matching.

Exemple with PF from FreeBSD or OpenBSD 4.6 and earlier. NIC is re0 and 
ip address is of the nic is

allow on re0 proto udp to port 698
will not work, instead, it should be
allow on re0 proto udp to port 698



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