[Olsr-users] IP for non-OLSR users using DHCP using UBUNTU as OLSR nodes

Henning Rogge (spam-protected)
Mon Apr 25 19:51:47 CEST 2011

Am Montag 25 April 2011, 19:44:10 schrieb Ricardo Kamarowski Nascimento:
> Hello friends,
> I'm doing my graduation project and I have the following topology:
> /GW (OLSR)/ ---> Node 1 (OLSR) ---> Node 2 (OLSR) ---> Client (Non-OLSR)
>             DHCP
> I set the Gateway, node 1 and node 2 with static IP. No problem. All ping
> with each other) and surf on the web.
> The DHCP and DNS server is in the GW too.
> When I reach the client in the gateway, it retrieves an IP. OK.
> But cannot get an IP for the client through the node 1 or 2.
> How can I do for the client obtain an IP through DHCP? I am using 4 laptops
> with ubuntu. No router with a firmware or olsr support.
DHCP use a broadcast for transmitting data between client and server... this 
kind of traffic is not forwarded by routers (as OLSRd equipped nodes).


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