[Olsr-users] Hello from Pirate Party Sweden

Erik Lönroth (spam-protected)
Tue Nov 30 18:06:08 CET 2010

Even if we have the aim to send the baloon up we are focusing on the
software part first.

The olsr is part of this.


On Mon, Nov 29, 2010 at 8:41 AM, Russell Senior
<(spam-protected)> wrote:
>>>>>> "Erik" == Erik Lönroth <(spam-protected)> writes:
> Erik> I'm currently involved in a project that aims to send up a
> Erik> baloon with a wifi router (openWRT) as high up in the atmosphere
> Erik> as possible. The wifi-router will have a somewhat better antenna
> Erik> to test how far connectivity can be achieved.
> This isn't a complete new idea, fwiw.  I found this on our wiki from
> circa 2002 (the prices are rather dated):
>  http://wiki.personaltelco.net/action/recall/AntennasAndBalloons
> But I don't think anybody here ever really tried it, and I am all for
> empiricism, so ... good luck and report back! ;-)
> --
> Russell Senior, President
> (spam-protected)

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