[Olsr-users] Ad-hoc bridge Delay

Teco Boot (spam-protected)
Tue Nov 30 08:34:48 CET 2010

Are you able to snif the WLAN frames, in monitor mode?

Probably you are facing a problem with WLAN encapsulation.
Bridged WLAN frames need 4 addresses. This is possible with WDS frame types. Most drivers don't support this, a patched MadWifi driver does.
The problem is that the WLAN card does not send the ACK frames, because the destination address is the ethernet connected node, not the WLAN card itself. Then, timer expires because no ACK frame, retry, timer expire, retry, ..... until max_retries.


Op 30 nov 2010, om 03:03 heeft Aaron Rosen het volgende geschreven:

> Hello, 
> When I create a bridge between eth0 and wlan0 on my gateway node and run iperf between that and another olsr node I get a throughput of about 100Kbit/sec. Though, if I remove this bridge I get a throughput of around 17Mbit/sec. I was wondering if anyone may know why this is? 
> Thanks, 
> Aaron
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