[Olsr-users] Ad-hoc bridge Delay

Mehdi Bezahaf (spam-protected)
Tue Nov 30 08:08:10 CET 2010

Hi there!

In fact you're right, I have observed the same problem using a linux bridge between two wireless interfaces (without olsr). The first interface was configured on adhoc mode and the second on ap mode. I thought that the problem was the linux bridge, so I've upgrade it (I've used the last version) ==> same problem.
I've implemented my own bridge using click modular router (at kernel mode) ==> same result.
Finally, I've used the same Linux bridge between two wired interface ==> the problem has disappeared!!!

Mehdi Bezahaf
Ph.D student at university Pierre et Marie curie (Paris).

On Nov 30, 2010, at 3:53 AM, Mitar <(spam-protected)> wrote:

> Hi!
> On Tue, Nov 30, 2010 at 3:34 AM, Aaron Rosen <(spam-protected)> wrote:
>> Is there another way around this?
> What do you use for bridging? Is there any packet loss? (Check
> ifconfig counts for errors and other things and compare them in both
> modes of operation.)
> You do not need to run NAT even if you do not run bridging. Bridging
> works on layer 2. But you can still route (layer 3) traffic between
> interfaces without NAT. NAT does not have anything with this. NAT is
> only necessary if you have on one interface private IPs and on another
> public IPs.
> Mitar
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