[Olsr-users] Hello from Pirate Party Sweden

Kim Hawtin (spam-protected)
Thu Nov 11 01:45:09 CET 2010

Hi Erik,

Some of the local HAMs have been working on a similar balloon project.

The build info and flight details might be useful;

They are tracking their balloon on 70cm using APRS. This is a licensed 
radio band, around 430MHz but the ideas are still relevant. They have 
been adding more gear to each successive balloon launch. The main issue 
you will have with your wifi router is the amount of RF noise as you get 
higher, seeing a greater number of wifi devices.

Another issue you will face is the distance from ground to balloon. 
Project Horus has regularly gone above 30 kilometers above sea level.
Ethernet/wifi isn't particularly reliable over 20 kilometers, IME. So 
you may have some issues with connectivity.

Sounds like fun =)



Erik Lönroth wrote:
> Hello!
> I would like to say hello to the list and introduce myself. Excuse me
> for taking up your time.
> I'm a local activist in the Swedish Pirate Party in a small town in
> Sweden called Södertälje.
> I'm currently involved in a project that aims to send up a baloon with
> a wifi router (openWRT) as high up in the atmosphere as possible. The
> wifi-router will have a somewhat better antenna to test how far
> connectivity can be achieved.
> The second goal for this baloon is be modified to survive for a very
> long time, fully operational on its own, powered by solar panels and
> drifting by the wind only.
> On-board, we are currently investigating the olsrd software as coming
> along, aswell as a small website. The intention is to provide a
> network connection to all that can reach the baloon with wifi.
> Ideally, "the baloon" also provides "old internet" access but we don't
> know currently if this is achievable by the use of olrsd. We haven't
> tried out olsr out enough yet to know exactly how this could be done.
> Anyway, if you think that this is something interesting. We are happy
> to get in contact with people that are experienced in setting up olsrd
> in such a way that it is easy to let users (novice ones) join it with
> as little effort as possible.
> Thanx for your time! Hope to hear from you.
> /Erik

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