[Olsr-users] Help with OLSR Setup

Sean Holekamp (spam-protected)
Fri Mar 19 20:14:33 CET 2010

Hello All,
I am sure this has been asked before, but after several days of
searching I cannot seem to find a good how-to for setting up a simple
OLSR mesh network.  I am a beginner with routing, so any help would be

My test setup is:  PC-----PS2<<<<<<<PS1-----Home Router (- wired, <
PC is, Wireless subnet is for PS1 and for
PS2, Home router is
I am attempting to use a PicoStation2 HP with DD-WRT (DD-WRT version
13972 with OLSR version 0.5.6-r8).

What I have so far:
I assume that I have to select Ad-HOC and OLSR Routing in advanced options.
I have unbidged the wired (eth0) and wireless (ath0) adapters so that I
don't place OLSR traffic on the wired ports.
I assume that the PC does not need to be aware of OLSR since the
wireless adapter is handling that.  The PC is not participating in the
mesh, just using connectivity offered by it.
I have followed the guide
http://www.dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/Mesh_Networking_with_OLSR, but
still does not work.
I have posted questions to DD-WRT as well.
I have included PS2's OLSR config file.

I can only ping and for some reason  I cannot ping, any 192.168.1.x address, and of course anything on the
Internet (by name or IP).
If I click on on the httpinfo nodes page, I get a connection
timeout.  I know they can see each other because they appear in the
nodes page.
There are no routes shown on the httpinfo routes page.
I CAN ping the other PS's IP if I am logged into the device directly.

My eventual goal is to have several disconnected nodes supporting
communication of two moving nodes to one stationary node.

1. Is OLSR the correct routing protocol to use for this application
(vice WDS, BATMAN, etc)?
2. Is there any documentation to implement my setup?  There is so much
conflicting information out there.  I am not sure at this point if there
is a problem with my OLSR setup or just routing and masquerading
stupidity.  Any way to half-split the problem?

Thank you for any help or suggestions,

*# PS2 OLSR Configuration file
# Similar configuration for PS1
DebugLevel	0
IpVersion	4
FIBMetric	"flat"
Hna4 {
    # Not sure about this option # For PS2      # For PS1
AllowNoInt	yes
TosValue	16
OlsrPort		698
RtTable		254
RtProto		0
Willingness	3
IpcConnect {
    MaxConnections	1
UseHysteresis	no
Pollrate	0.10
TcRedundancy	2
MprCoverage	7
LinkQualityLevel	2
LinkQualityAging	0.100000
NatThreshold	0.500000
ClearScreen	yes
LoadPlugin "olsrd_httpinfo.so" {
    PlParam "Net"	""
    PlParam "Host"	""
    PlParam "port"	"8080"
LoadPlugin "olsrd_dyn_gw_plain.so" {
Interface "ath0" {
    IPv6Multicast	ff02::1
    IPv6Multicast	ff02::1
    HelloInterval	5.00
    HelloValidityTime	90.00
    TcInterval		2.00
    TcValidityTime	270.00
    MidInterval		15.00
    MidValidityTime	90.00
    HnaInterval		15.00
    HnaValidityTime	90.00

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