[Olsr-users] Malformed HELLO message?

Pavel Boyko (spam-protected)
Fri Feb 26 09:49:47 CET 2010

  Hi, Henning,

  Thank you very much for the explanations.
> I can provide you with the practical experience/feedback of the
> Freifunk/Funkfeuer OLSR networks (which are some of the largest mesh
>  networks running real traffic) and with a similar advice from meeting most
>  of the creators of the OLSR RFC.
> *** Hopcount metric DOES NOT WORK well for wireless mesh networks. ***
> They work well in simulator with Tworay-Ground models, but that's only
>  because this model is not good.

  I do respect your experience (an will follow this advise for sure) but I'm 
still seeking for some published research/data on real world OLSR networks. 
Could you point me some?
> It's a bug in the dijkstra implementation of OLSRd 0.5.6. It is solved in
>  the development branch, but it's too complex to port it back easily.

  Can you estimate any time frame for the next stable release with this bug 
fixed? Also I wonder if current development branch is stable enough to be used 
in real world installations?   
> >   It is sad. Am I understand right that even with LQ enabled I need to
> > set MprCoverage to 7?
> Yes.

  Thank you once again for this valuable information!

  Best regards,

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