[Olsr-users] Optimal OLSR config file settings

Antonio Anselmi (spam-protected)
Wed Feb 10 11:50:37 CET 2010

that's very interesting!

I compiled olsrd (r8) as suggested and I see these data in link table
(I show only integer values):

Local Remote Vtime
a        b          127
a        c          122
a        d          117
a        e            95

My olsrd.conf says:

TcValidityTime 324.0
HnaValidityTime 108.0

So - if I am right - I'm having timeouts problems in that network just
because VTimes values are not "far greater than 50% of the validity
time of the tc or mid/hna".

Is that correct?



2010/2/9 Randy Buck <(spam-protected)>:
> Dear list (impersonal, yet true),
> We have been working with OLSR for some time now and have come up with the
> following problem:
> OLSR loses routes when traffic other than the OLSR packets is on the
> network.  Our OLSR packets (UDP port 698) are being prioritized over all
> other traffic; this doesn't help.  We suspect the OLSR packets are colliding
> with other packets in the air.
> With this in mind, we experimented with changing the HelloInterval to a
> really short time (0.5 sec) and the HelloValidityTime correspondingly (5
> sec).  We had the equation HelloValidityTime = HelloInterval * LQWindowSize
> in mind when setting these values.  We assume the LQ window size is 10.  As
> a side note, we know that LQ window size has been replaced by other
> settings, but don't know how it has been changed or to what it has been
> changed to.  If anyone can shed light on that, we would appreciate it. The
> idea here is that if we send more packets in a shorter time, while we will
> still lose packets once in a while, more will get through in the long run.
> Getting back to the problem, we are wondering if there are known "optimal"
> settings for these types of fields in the config file.  We would like to
> overcome the fact that some OLSR packets will be dropped due to things like
> the hidden node problem.
> Thanks,
> Randy Buck
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