[Olsr-users] Route-Flapping | Out of Control [Deutsch]

Juliusz Chroboczek (spam-protected)
Thu Dec 23 18:57:15 CET 2010

> Sorry, that i wrote in german.

That's okay -- mistakes happen.  What I do find rude is that the
conversation continued in German, rather than switching into English
after the first message or two.

> Now, temporarly, i've changed VALIDITY TIMER of A to 120 seconds and my 
> Problem is gone. Now i have to track down, why the OLSR-Packets get 
> dropped on the Wireless Interface.

OLSR packets are sent over multicast.  In IEEE 802.11, unicast and
multicast packets use different link-layer protocols, and it's fairly
usual to see much higher loss rates for multicast than for unicast


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