[Olsr-users] Route-Flapping | Out of Control [Deutsch]

Michael Rack (spam-protected)
Thu Dec 23 13:51:34 CET 2010

Sorry, that i wrote in german. That is not my normal behaviour, but this 
day i was totally nerves. My phone did not stood still and my "Hotline" 
gets really to be a >>hot<< line ;-)

To tell the story in english:
My node-setup exactly like that: A -> B -> C -> D -> F ... there was no 
backup-connectivity so if B,C or D fails, F can not reach A.

I had a big packet-loss (only targeting OLSR-Packets) on a link between 
two stations B and C that results in a route flapping. Any traffic 
between this two stations worked without problems, only OLSR-Packets 
were dropped (whyever).

I changed the settings in olsrd.conf (increase the invalidy timer) on 
the stations B and C and did not get the results i expected. The link 
between station B and C was ok, ping was always 100% transmitted and 
returned, but F can not reach A.

Markus told me, that the VALIDITY TIMER of A is never rewritten by any 
node, so as long as i do not change the VALIDITY TIMER on A, F will not 
reach A as long as the LINK between B and C is dropping OLSR-Messages.

Now, temporarly, i've changed VALIDITY TIMER of A to 120 seconds and my 
Problem is gone. Now i have to track down, why the OLSR-Packets get 
dropped on the Wireless Interface.

Liebe Grüße aus Freilassing,

Michael Rack
RSM Freilassing
RSM Freilassing                 Tel.: +49 8654 607110
Nocksteinstr. 13                Fax.: +49 8654 670438
D-83395 Freilassing            www.rsm-freilassing.de

Am 22.12.2010 18:44, schrieb Juliusz Chroboczek:
>>> ich schreibe jetzt in deutsch, statt englisch, denn ich bin total
>>> aufgebracht und hab keinen Nerv, alles zu übersetzen, bitte habt Verständnis
>>> dafür...
>> imho at least your first sentence (explaining why u don`t like to write your
>> complete mail in english) should be in english
> As should your reply.  Michael is being rude by writing in German to an
> international list, you should not be following in his steps.
>                                          Juliusz

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