[Olsr-users] Scalability of Networks using Olsr_Switch

Henning Rogge (spam-protected)
Thu Dec 16 16:39:02 CET 2010

On Thursday 16 December 2010 16:21:48 Lo, Caleb K. wrote:
> Hi Henning and Markus,
>                 Thank you for your helpful replies and insights.
> I did try running the test that I mentioned below (with olsr_switch) for
> olsrd-0.6.1, and I ran into the following error: "Error, cannot aquire
> [sic] OLSR lock '/var/run/olsrd-ipv4.lock', Another OLSR instance might be
> running. OLSR EXIT: Terminated" So I'm not sure if olsr_switch is
> compatible with the newer olsrd versions that you listed.
Yes, the locking might be a problem... either you would have to set a 
different lock for each OLSRd or we just shut off the locking for the emu 

Do you want to try a patch for this ?

diff --git a/src/main.c b/src/main.c
index 55d00a4..4fc6e01 100644
--- a/src/main.c
+++ b/src/main.c
@@ -526,7 +526,7 @@ int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {
   for (i=5; i>=0; i--) {
     OLSR_PRINTF(3, "Trying to get olsrd lock...\n");
-    if (olsr_create_lock_file(i > 0) == 0) {
+    if (!olsr_cnf->host_emul && olsr_create_lock_file(i > 0) == 0) {
       /* lock sucessfully created */

> As for the seg
> fault error that I mentioned below, I'm wondering if by simply being more
> generous in the memory allocation of a few pertinent arrays, I can support
> more distinct olsrd processes. At this point, my intention is to see how
> many distinct olsrd processes can be supported on a single Linux kernel. 
> Ideally I'd like to have 100 distinct olsrd processes running
> simultaneously on the same kernel; from browsing the olrsd website, it
> seemed that olsr_switch would be a useful tool for me in that regard. If
> my proposed bugfix (i.e. more generous memory allocation) doesn't work,
> I'll go with your suggestion of using olsrd-0.6.1 in conjunction with a
> few VMs.  I do see that Xen has been discussed on the mailing list, so
> that would be a good place for me to start:
> http://lists.olsr.org/pipermail/olsr-users/2009-April/003389.html

I have been using KVM a lot to emulate OLSR meshes.
Should not be that difficult to run 100 OpenWRT instances with OLSR on them on 
a single host machine.

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2) You can't break even.
3) You can't leave the game.
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