[Olsr-users] Current OLSR protocol

L. Aaron Kaplan (spam-protected)
Fri May 22 17:51:00 CEST 2009

Ulf, I do not agree with your assessment. The result of the FUD can be  
clearly seen by the uncertainty and doubt that people have been having  
repeatedly on this mailing list.
So therefore I believe I can rest my case and the mail by Damian was  
the proof for my FUD theory.

I also believe that I am actually quite fair. And I really do admire  
the work of Axel and others! No doubt about that!


> ps. it would be better to join to the wireless community weekend, to
> work together on the olsr issues then writing such a crap!

I am currently at work and could not come. Simple as that.

Besides, I do reserve the right to have my own experience and my  
opinion and do not tolerate others just calling my impression crap  
when they have no idea of *how* often I had to "defend" against the oh- 
therefore-the-rest-of-the-world-is-wrong-and-sucks attitude of some  
folks in Berlin. It is really tiresome to always have to "defend" a  
decision to still work on olsr.org in face of public *propaganda*.

I see it like that: there is room for improvement on olsr.org and  
there is a place for BATMAN.
Different goals. That is all. But why oh why do all the people get  
confused when they read Elektra's text on open-mesh.org ? Why do I see  
the same and the same type of questions again and again?
Exactly because it is propaganda.

ok, over and out. I think I made my point clear.
<joke>if you want we can carry this out in person with boxing gloves</ 
joke> ;-))

PS: again, in case it was not clear enough - congrats to successes of  
BATMAN . It is *not* the issue of which is better. It is an issue if  
Elektra pisses on other people constantly or not.
But I guess I should get simply used to that... seems like she likes  
it. *sigh*


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