[Olsr-users] Rogue gateways [was: Sticky gateway]

ZioPRoTo (Saverio Proto) (spam-protected)
Fri Jan 30 11:48:35 CET 2009

>> Any *good* papers recently  on that topic which are worth a look at?
>> (emphasis is on good)


in Rome at Tor Vergata University (where I'm a PhD student) we
developed a web of trust plugin for OLSR. [1] I apologize if this was
already posted on this list.

OLSR packets are signed with PGP (every node has a key pair) and
routing information is classified in different routing tables
depending on the Trust Level of the received packet.

there is not yet a published paper but we are working on this right now.

the work is preliminary, and is also a  bit theoretical: I mean we
have an implementation [2] but it does not run on real boards because
it is very heavy to make the asymmetric key signatures. We used Netkit
to emulate a few nodes and try the plugin.

now nodes are able to trust other nodes inheriting PGP trust model, I
mean a node can trust the identity of the node that generated the
received packet.
this is still not enough, because if there is not a centralized CA to
trust, I don't need just to know that node X is really node X, but I
need some information to know if node X is willing to behave good in
routing. In 1 word: reputation.

Now we are having an hard time to define reputation in Wireless Mesh
Networks, because unlike in P2P systems where nodes have direct
transactions between them , in our case nodes just forward IP traffic
and do not have 1-to-1 "transactions" with others ...

I think I'll quit now because I'm going far off topic, if anybody
wants to go deeper into this may contact me privately :)

Ciao :)

Saverio Proto

[1] - http://wiki.ninux.org/Tesi?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=Tesi_di_Claudio_Pisa_rc6_Trusted_Routing_In_OLSR_MANETs.pdf

[2] - http://hg.ninux.org/olsrd-ninux-messy

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