[Olsr-users] BMF Plugin

Bhat, Ishwara (spam-protected)
Thu Jan 29 11:38:47 CET 2009



I am trying to use BMF plugin for multihop broadcasting the local


When I try bmf version 1.6.2 (which is the latest official release
compatible with olsr-0.5.6-r2 ) I am getting compiler error   -
undefined symbol - 'olsr_mutex'. 


I am using Fedora core 9. (2.6.25) Also I tried kernel.


When I tried with older version of olsr and bmf- 1.5.3 version (The
default BMF version that comes with OLSRd-0.5.6),  I got tun error:
ioctl error on /dev/net/tun: invalid argument. 


I have enabled TUN/TAP in linux. But somehow lsmod does not list tun.


Please tell if anyone had success with using bmf. 




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