[Olsr-users] AHCP

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It is interesting.


My requirement is that there are some embedded devices which work in AP
mode under one use case. Under another use case it is going to be in
mesh mode. But it needs to communicate to external network which works
in IPv4.



Is AHCP worth looking at for my case ?  Is there any scalability issue ?
How long does it take to configure 10 hop 30-40 nodes mesh ?







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all my access points, gateways and repeaters autoconfigure themselves
with ip addresses, its actually not that difficult to accomplish

On Fri, Jan 23, 2009 at 7:01 PM, Derek C <(spam-protected)> wrote:

Hi Benjamin and all,

Actually is anyone using any kind of auto-configuration of the AdHoc
IP address or is everyone (like me) using static addressing?

At least I control the boxes I'm putting out so I can pick the IP
addresses - but how to you manage it in a community Freifunk type


On Fri, January 23, 2009 10:44 am, Benjamin Henrion wrote:
> Hi,
> Does someone has already tried this:
> http://www.pps.jussieu.fr/~jch/software/ahcp/
> "AHCP is an autoconfiguration protocol for IPv6 and dual-stack
> IPv6/IPv4 networks designed to be used in place of router discovery
> and DHCP on networks where it is difficult or impossible to configure
> server within every link-layer broadcast domain, for example mobile
> networks.
> AHCP will automatically configure the IPv6 prefix, an IPv4 address for
> every host, the routing protocol, the DNS server and the NTP server.
It is
> currently able to configure hosts for static routing, for use of the
> protocol, or for use of the Babel protocol. AHCP is extensible, so
> support for other routing protocols should be easy. "
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Derek C
In Ireland

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