[Olsr-users] low signal and dropping default route

Henning Rogge (spam-protected)
Thu Jan 22 09:24:28 CET 2009

Am Thursday 22 January 2009 01:00:48 schrieb Derek C:
> Hi Aaron,
> Yes - I think you are right. I've been playing around with the nodes this
> evening (I've asked people not to unplug them) and signal is the problem
> (its a non-line-of-sight problem really). I'm going to fix it early next
> week.
> But this [default route dropping due to poor connection] has got me
> looking at olsrd.conf settings again. Do you know if there is good
> documentation on the OLSR "TcRedundancy", "MprCoverage" and "LinkQuality"
> directives?

The newest tip (development version of olsr) has a nice man page (thanks to 
Sven Ola who did most of the work to update the page !):

TcRedundancy 0|1|2:
This parameter controls the amount of information a node puts into it's 
(globally flooded) TC messages. Theoretically 0 should be enough for complete 
routing (and will produce smaller packages), but 1 and 2 add more redundant 

MprCoverage 1 or higher:
This parameter controls how many nodes of your 1-hop neighborhood you choose 
to reach your 2-hop neighborhood with your TCs/HNAs/MIDs. Again, in theory 1 
should be enough, but because of link loss 2 might be a better choice to have 
more redundancy (which will cost airtime on the links). We hope we will have 
time to write a better MPR algorithm this year.

There is no "linkquality" directive, so I'm not sure which one you mean...

LinkQualityDijkstraLimit 0|255 [Pollrate]-120.0
This parameter is just a "cpu time reducer" by limiting the amount of dijkstra 
olsrd will run in a certain time. It should be used on devices with not enough 
CPU power.

LinkQualityFishEye 0|1
Fish eye (or "hazy linkstate protocol") is an algorithm that varries the 
"range" (time to live in hops) of your TC packages in a way that close 
neighbors (2/8 hops distance) will get more TCs than distant stations.
It can help to reduce the amount of TC traffic in a network OR increase the 
update frequency in your close neighborhood.


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